Mike Chan, founder of the company was born and raised in Hong Kong when the city was in the colonial days.

At the age of 17, whilst watching carpenters making a cabinet at a roadside workshop. Mike observed and learnt the process and skills. He made a cabinet of considerable dimensions in plywood and veneer for housing a TV unit, a pair of stereo speakers and with storage to a pleasing aesthetic design and fully functional. That, together with a black and white television set bought under hire purchase from his first paid job as a messenger, presented the items as a gift to his hard working mother for her to enjoy television and music during her leisure time.

Soon after his secondary schooling, Mike immigrated to the UK in his late teens and started life in the suburbs of London helping his father in the catering business; he decided not to follow the father’s footstep. With his passion in “creating things” and cars, he determined to further his education. Whilst working part time, he studied and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Mike went to Hong Kong after graduation to work for the Hong Kong government designing and installing flow measuring devices for ground water seepage and surface flow due to the various landslide incidents in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong.

After 2 years of Hong Kong working as an assistant engineer, Mike returned to the UK and started his career working in the Oil and Gas industry for upstream exploration and production projects. To this date and for duration of 37 years, Mike has remained in this industry working in different countries such as UK, Norway, US, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago and Italy. For the past 29 years, Mike has been working on a free-lance consultancy basis and has worked with five of the top 10 Operators in the world, companies including Statoil, BP, British Gas, Total, Shell, ENI, ADDAX and Chevron.

Mike’s passion is in properties and has executed renovation and building projects in different countries. With his attention to detail and sound knowledge in Engineering and Materials, Mike had been requested to give consultation to various projects and to help with sourcing of good products for buildings. This lead to the forming of Reliance Consultancy and Resourcing Limited in 2011 which offers the services of consultancy and resourcing of architectural items and building materials.

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